Keeping You Safe From Harm In Your Native Country

Many immigrants come to the United States by choice, but there are others who enter the country out of necessity. If you feel that you are in extreme danger in your home country, or you feel that you are not able to return home for fear of discrimination or persecution, it may be best to consider seeking asylum in the United States. Santa Ana, California, residents who are seeking asylum will want to partner with an experienced attorney who will provide them with personal attention and create a customized plan of action to meet their specific needs.

Experienced U.S. Immigration Professionals Serving Asylum Seekers

Serrato Law Firm APC will provide you with the legal services you need in order to seek asylum in this country. Under the direction of attorney Fabian C. Serrato, we are a team of professionals known for listening attentively to our clients and developing customized action plans designed to deliver favorable results. Speaking both English and Spanish, our lawyers can provide you with the comfort and confidence you need as you navigate through the legalities of asylum.

Asylum is a specific type of protection that can be granted to foreign nationals hailing from various countries who feel that they cannot, under any circumstances, return to their native country. The factor that differentiates asylum from other immigration statuses, such as refugee status, is that a person who is requesting asylum in the United States is already in the country at the time of their request.

Many Reasons For Seeking Political Asylum

Our attorneys have discovered that there are common reasons that people seek asylum in California and throughout the United States. Some of the main reasons that result in requesting asylum include:

  • The person requesting asylum feels that they would put themselves, and their families, in grave danger if they were to return to their country.
  • The person requesting asylum has previously been persecuted on the basis of social status, religion, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs or membership in a particular social group. They often feel that they are in extreme danger by returning to their home land.
  • The person requesting asylum is at risk of being imprisoned or put to death by the government of their native country, or a group of individuals their government is unwilling or unable to control.

Asylum requests and their subsequent approval will vary greatly based on the individual circumstances surrounding your case. This is why it is critical to work with an accomplished asylum attorney who understands the complex nature of these requests. We will verify that you meet the eligibility requirements for asylum, as well as prepare a thorough, complete case for you.

Once you have received the protection of asylum from the United States government, you are able to build a full and complete life in the United States. You are able to work in the country, and will eventually be able to apply to become a permanent resident.

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