What to expect at a biometrics services appointment

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As someone living in California who wishes to secure a green card or become a U.S. citizen through the process of naturalization, you may need to attend a biometric services appointment as part of your path to citizenship. The appointment typically takes place near your house, and the main purpose behind it is to make sure you do not have a criminal record or anything else that would prevent you from becoming a citizen of the United States.

Per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are certain things you should know and have ready ahead of your biometrics services appointment.

What to have with you at the appointment

Expect your local Application Support Center to send you a notice detailing when and where your meeting is going to take place and what, exactly, you must bring with you. You definitely need to have Form I-797C, which is the notice you receive from the support center. You also need to furnish a valid, active photo identification, such as a passport, green card or driver’s license.

What to expect during the appointment

“Biometrics” refers to fingerprints and other identifying personal information. During the appointment, expect to have your photo taken. You also need to submit a digital signature confirming that everything you said and submitted is true and accurate. Once you do so, administrators then cross-check your information with various databases to make sure you do not have any criminal or immigration violations in your history.

Attending a scheduled biometrics services appointment should be a priority, because rescheduling them may only be possible in limited circumstances.