Respected Attorneys Answering Immigration Questions

Here in California, we have many people looking to immigrate to our great state. While we welcome everyone to find their brightest future with us, doing so can be a challenge. We here at Serrato Law Firm APC have anticipated some questions that we can answer for you to make your immigration process easier.

How Long Can It Take To Get A Visa / Permanent Residency?

The time it takes to earn a nonimmigrant visa is considerably less than what it would take to earn an immigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visas can take between weeks or a few months to receive after your completed application has been submitted. Immigration visas can take much longer, even up to several years. An immigration attorney can help you keep things moving as fast as possible so you can receive the visa you need.

How Can I Renew My Visa?

Nonimmigrant visas have an expiration date, once they expire if you want to continue staying in this country, you will need to renew your visa. You will first need to meet the several qualifications to apply for renewal, such as not being denied for a visa recently, as well as having to apply for a visa from your home country. You will also need to fill out the proper application and send in supporting documents. We can help you gather the documents you need and prepare your best possible case for application.

What If My Loved One Or I Am Arrested?

Anyone carrying a visa who is arrested or convicted of a crime may be in danger of losing their visa and the ability to renew it. Even if you have been arrested and not convicted, your visa may still be in danger. You need to contact an attorney who is fluent in immigration law for help in defending yourself.

What Is Going To Happen With Dreamers?

In September 2017, the federal government announced that DACA is ending. Any dreamer that has a DACA that would expire between September 2017 and March 2018 could apply for one final two-year renewal. After that final renewal expires, the dreamers will need to apply for another type of visa, if they wish to continue living in this country, or face deportation.

How Can I Defend Myself?

No matter what kind of trouble you’re facing involving a visa, whether you are looking to apply for one, renew one or even protect your immigrant status, come to us for compassionate and dedicated representation in your case.

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