Protect Yourself From Deportation After Criminal Charges

If you are staying in California on a visa and have been convicted of a crime, your visa and future is at stake. You cannot afford to delay building your case to defend yourself. The attorney you choose to represent you will have a serious impact on your case, so make sure you choose a lawyer you can trust.

Here at Serrato Law Firm APC, we do not want you to worry about what is coming, because we do everything in our power to protect you. The advice and legal representation we provide is all custom-tailored based on your unique needs. You deserve the best possible outcome in your case, and you can find it with us.

Building Your Strongest Possible Defense

If you have been convicted of a crime, an attorney can work with you to help you protect yourself. If you have been convicted of an aggravated felony, such as murder, rape, trafficking of controlled substances or firearms, or even money laundering, your case will need a much stronger defense.

We work closely with our immigration clients to understand every detail of their case in the hopes of finding every advantage available to them. We can also help you defend yourself from criminal charges, to protect your visa from ever being at risk.

The Respect You Deserve From Your Compassionate Representation

We believe that everyone deserves the right to defend themselves, and we want to be the ones who are here for you when you need us most. Our office is in Santa Ana, and we are committed to offering you what you need to succeed. We offer free initial consultations to our clients, to make that first step even easier.

Contact us by calling 888-775-6675, or emailing us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can stand up for you.