The economic impact of immigration

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It might come as a surprise for most people to learn that immigrants and their children are behind almost 50% of all Fortune 500 companies. The profound role that immigrants and their children play in establishing many of the country’s most successful and influential companies is undeniable. In fact, four of the top 12 companies on the list – Apple, Google, Amazon and Costco – were founded by immigrants.

The progress of the United States as a nation thrives on the success stories of these immigrants, who are a constant reminder of the diverse origins of numerous American corporations.

How the U.S. encourages and empowers entrepreneurs

When an immigrant starts a business, they bring money to the economy. Around 14 million people are employed in Fortune 500 businesses founded by immigrants. Apart from contributing positively to the national economy, the businesses that they start in their respective states also boost the state’s economy. More importantly, they create job opportunities for millions of people across the country.

The government’s renewal of the U.S. International Entrepreneur Rule is a positive step in encouraging entrepreneurs to enter the country and start a business. Through the program, the government grants “parole” status to immigrants who can demonstrate their significant contribution to the economy as entrepreneurs. This means they can live in the country and grow their businesses for the entire duration of their residence.

If you are seeking entry into the country, you need to complete your paperwork properly and promptly to ensure that everything is in order. This way, you can focus on building your life and establishing your empire once you are in the country. The laws and policies change constantly, so it is imperative that you have a full understanding of them and that you get the help you need to avoid any confusion.