What you should expect at your naturalization interview

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As someone born outside of the United States who wants to remain in California or another part of the nation on a permanent basis, you may be working through the process of establishing U.S. citizenship through naturalization. There are many steps involved in doing so, and one of those steps requires you to attend a naturalization interview.

Per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the naturalization interview typically takes place at a USCIS office within a reasonable distance from your home.

What to bring to the naturalization interview

It is vital that you fully prepare for your naturalization interview and arrive on time with all the required documentation in hand. Some of the documentation you have to bring to your interview include your interview appointment notice and Form I-551, which prove your status as a legal permanent resident. You also must furnish a driver’s license or another state-issued form of identification and any passports or travel documents you received since becoming a permanent resident. Depending on the circumstances, you may also have to bring other documentation as outlined in Form M-477.

What to expect during the naturalization interview

When the interview begins, expect the person conducting it to ask you questions about your background, history and reasons for wanting to establish citizenship. During the interview, you must also take an English and Civics test that showcases your knowledge of the English language and American history and government.

USCIC representatives are going to contact you sometime after the interview concludes to let you know how you performed, both on the tests and in the interview.