How can you replace a lost employment authorization card?

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If you have a right to work in the U.S., you also may have an employment authorization document. You probably rely on this card every time you complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, when you start a new job. Indeed, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, this card is sufficient proof of both your identity and legal work authorization.

Because your EAD is small, it can be easy to misplace. Moreover, if you keep your EAD in your purse or wallet, it may be vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, it is not difficult to replace a lost or stolen EAD, but it can be costly.

Replacing a lost EAD

If you lose your EAD, you can obtain a replacement document by filing Form I-765 with the appropriate USCIS service center. Unfortunately, even though fee waivers are possible in certain instances, you are likely to have to pay the full filing fee for your replacement card. Regrettably, this fee may be as much as $410.

Replacing a stolen EAD

Stolen EADs are a more serious matter, as you are at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft or other crimes. If someone steals your card, it is advisable both to file a police report and to notify the USCIS. Replacing a stolen EAD, though, requires going through the same process as replacing a lost one.

Once you receive your replacement EAD, you should carefully inspect it to ensure it contains the correct information. Ultimately, if you made some error when applying for your replacement card, you may have to go through the replacement process again.