When should I replace my green card?

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Your green card is an important document that you need to have with you and available at all times. If something happens to it or happens to invalidate it, you need to replace it.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service explains that everyone has to replace their green card at some point because they do expire. In addition, other situations may require a replacement.


If your green card suffers damage in any way, you need to contact authorities and get a new one. This is also true if you lose it or someone takes it. Make sure you report any loss to the USCIS.


If something changes about your circumstances, you will need to get a new card. This will include if your status changes or if your name or other identifying details change. For anyone who gets their card prior to turning 14 years old, a replacement is mandatory when the person turns 14. Typically, if anything changes, you should contact authorities to see if you need to replace your card.

Getting help

You can always check the USCIS’s website for help figuring out if you need to replace your green card. The website also provides information about how to replace it. You can also contact the USCIS and someone there can assist you with things.

Remember that not having your card or having a card that is out of date can cause you immigration issues. To avoid problems, make sure that you stay on top of things. Always check your card’s expiration date and report any changes to the USCIS.