Statistics on the issuance of immigration visas

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Whether you are in the middle of pursuing an immigrant visa or you have aspirations to move to the states and want to learn more about the immigration process, it is helpful to go over statistics on immigration. These statistics shed light on the prevalence of immigration, and serve as a reminder that you are not alone.

In addition, they also draw attention to other trends that could impact immigration.

Data on the number of immigrant visas issued

The U.S. Department of State published data on the issuance of immigrant visas at foreign service posts between fiscal years 2017 and 2021. It is important to note that the pandemic resulted in the suspension of visa services during part of 2020, resulting in a decrease in the number of immigrant visas offered during the year.

Over the course of fiscal year 2017, foreign posts issued more than 559,000 immigrant visas. In fiscal year 2020, this decreased to 240,526 immigrant visas, but increased to more than 285,000 in fiscal year 2021.

Looking at different immigrant visa categories

Foreign posts issue immigrant visas for various reasons. Visas for immediate relatives accounted for a majority of the immigrant visas issued in fiscal year 2021 (170,604), followed by family sponsorship (63,858). Employment-based preference made up more than 19,000 immigrant visas in fiscal year 2021, and foreign posts issued 17,344 diversity immigrant visas over the course of the year.

Regardless of the type of immigrant visa that you pursue, it is pivotal to carefully familiarize yourself with the application process and take steps to increase your odds of a favorable outcome.