What if you fail the English or Civics naturalization tests?

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As someone born outside of the United States, you must take certain steps if you wish to establish U.S. citizenship and live permanently in California or another part of the United States. If you pursue U.S. citizenship through naturalization, expect to have to take two tests as part of the naturalization process: an English text and a Civics test.

Per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the English test assesses your ability to read, write and speak English at a basic level. The Civics test assesses your knowledge of American government and history.

What happens during the tests

The USCIS officer who conducts your naturalization interview helps determine whether you are able to converse at a basic level in English. Expect to also have to read aloud during the English portion of the test and write several sentences to show your understanding of the language in written form.

There are two different versions of the Civics test. When you filed your application for naturalization determines which test you take but expect to have to answer a predetermined number of questions about U.S. government and civics.

What happens if you fail the tests

If you fail your English or Civics test the first time, you have the option of taking the failed test again. You must do so between 60 and 90 days from the date you initially failed the test.

The naturalization process and associated tests may feel daunting. However, try not to panic. The tests typically have high pass rates, so take advantage of available study tools and give yourself plenty of time to review them.