Who can you bring to the United States with a Green Card?

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Getting a “green card” means that you can essentially stay in the United States without fear of removal. Only in certain, extreme situations like criminal convictions will your status as a permanent resident ever be at risk.

Not only do you have more security than you did with a visa, but you also have more opportunities to help your loved ones. When living in the United States on a visa, only your immediate family members can usually come jpin you.

However, once you become a permanent resident, your opportunities to help your family members enter the United States will expand to include more people and better solutions.

You can utilize Family Preference visas as a permanent resident

Once you become a permanent resident, you can apply for a family preference visa. Some of your loved ones in your homeland may qualify under one of the two second-preference categories.

The top priority and first consideration go to spouses and unmarried children who aren’t yet 21 years old. However, the second category of family preference visas available to permanent residents is for their older children. Provided that your children over the age of 21 and have not yet married, you can potentially sponsor them to enter the country and  apply for their own green cards.

Using the family preference visa program or other family-based immigration can help you reconnect with loved ones. The more you understand about your immigration rights as a permanent resident, the easier it will be to pick the visa program that will work best for your family’s needs.