What do immigrants think about American life?

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Moving to another country is a massive change. It’s going to bring along some surprises and things that people tend not to expect, and it’s also going to give them a chance to learn and grow as they adapt to this new country. 

If you’re thinking of immigrating, you may be curious about what previous generations of immigrants have thought of this change. Their perspective can help you prepare. Here are some things they say:

Learning English is key

First of all, the vast majority of immigrants note the importance of learning English. It helps them go to school, get jobs, make friends and much more. They view it as one of the most critical steps in the process, and most even think that classes should be taught in English to help immigrant children learn, rather than teaching in their native tongue. 

Working hard is important

One American value has always been the idea of hard work. Immigrants tend to understand this and completely buy into the concept, showing an amazing work ethic. Many of them attribute their success to this dedication to giving their all. 

Staying in touch matters, but most won’t leave the U.S.

While most immigrants do keep in touch, in one way or another, with those still living in their home country, they also have no plans to leave the U.S. They want to know how everyone is doing at home, as those relationships are important, but that does not mean they’re anything less than fully dedicated to staying in America. 

What steps should you take?

If this has helped you consider immigration on a new level, make sure you also know all of the legal steps you’ll need to take.