If you get fired while in the U.S. on an employment visa, will you get deported? 

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You came to the United States to work, and your employer acquired your visa on your behalf based on your employment. The government saw that they had a job for you and gave you a temporary visa. You hope it’s just the start of settling your family in the United States, but all you have right now is the temporary visa. 

But what if you lose that job? Say the business has to downsize because the economy isn’t as strong as the owner hoped. Or, say that they decide to fire you and hire someone else because they’re unhappy with your work. Does this go beyond just losing a job? Could you get deported from the country? 

Losing a job has serious ramifications for some immigrants

Keeping that job is important. If you get fired or laid off, you no longer have eligibility to stay in the country and work. Your visa was tied specifically to that one position at that one company. You were allowed to come to the U.S. to take that job; without it, you lose that status. 

If you decide to stay and you do not follow the terms of your temporary work visa, the authorities would be able to deport you. Many people who are illegally in the United States initially came to the country on short-term visas for work, school or tourism, and then simply failed to leave. Deportation is always a risk in this situation. 

How can we help with your immigration problem?

If you have found yourself in a complex situation and you’re worried about losing everything you’ve worked so hard for, you definitely need to know what options you have to pursue your goals. Working with an experienced immigration defense attorney can be essential to your future.