What’s the true story on immigration in the United States today?

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There’s a lot of claims made about immigration policies and procedures today — and the government clearly doesn’t appreciate some of them.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) just released a report that seeks to debunk a lot of the “myths” surrounding immigration today. The only problem, however, is that the EOIR’s report may be full of inaccuracies.

Immigration advocates say the EOIR report is fatally flawed

According to numerous immigration attorneys and immigration advocates, the new EOIR report is highly politicized — underscoring the fact that the immigration system today is very damaged.

For example, fact-checkers with The Washington Post examined many of the claims made in the EOIR report. They found that many of the statements it made were based on cherry-picked data, questionable information and opinions masquerading as facts.

The EOIR’s purpose was to show that immigration judges are impartial adjudicators of the law, not subject to political biases. In reality, it serves to highlight the fact that the information put out by the government regarding immigration can be incredibly politicized and slanted.

The EOIR even tries to lay the blame for the long detentions immigrants face on the Department of Justice’s Legal Orientation Program (LOP) — which exists solely to inform immigrants in detention about their rights. The EOIR conveniently ignores the reality that immigrants who assert their rights will likely slow down their cases, while immigrants who are uninformed of their rights can be quickly deported.

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