The citizenship test will now have 128 questions

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Citizenship And Naturalization |

The citizenship test has traditionally had 100 questions. Those trying to pass do not need to answer them all, nor are they even asked all of these questions. They’re given them to study. When they take the test, they have often had to answer 10 questions to pass with at least six correct.

Recent changes to the rules, though, have increased the test to 128 possible questions. This means more studying and more options. The present administration has also expanded the number of questions a person will be given to 20. Prospective citizens now must correctly answer 12 questions to pass.

Different, and yet the same

These are big changes that are important to note if you are considering becoming a citizen by taking the test. You always want to know exactly what to expect to give yourself the best possible chance of passing and realizing your dreams.

However, in some ways, the test is still the same. If you got 6 out of 10 questions right, that gave you a 60% success rate. If you now get 12 out of 20 correct, that is also a 60% success rate. You do have to answer more questions, but you’re not required to get a higher percentage correct. This means that each question is worth less than it was before and the test will take longer to complete.

Preparing for your test

If you’re preparing to take your test to become a citizen of the United States, make sure you know exactly what legal steps you’re going to need to take.