Immigrants often face immense challenges

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Immigration |

People often think of the United States as a safe haven. It’s a place for them to escape the horrors that are happening in their native country. Sadly, what they think is going to be a refuge ends up being a huge challenge that’s sometimes fraught with hardships.

Some individuals who are coming into the U.S. didn’t have time to go through the normal immigration process. Instead, they head to the border to cross without proper documentation. This can immediately present legal issues, but some feel like this is their only option for being able to live a safe life.

One situation that’s particularly harrowing is when children feel the need to flee without supervision. These minors who are traveling alone can face huge dangers.

Two cousins recently arrived in the U.S. from Honduras after gang members in that country threatened their family. Once they arrived here, they contacted Border Patrol and were detained for the night before being taken three hours away to a hotel by van. They were escorted by men who weren’t in uniforms and were unaware of what hotel they were in.

This 16-year-old male and his cousin, who is 13, have since been turned over to the younger one’s father. While some might rejoice that the boys are now with family members, there’s an alarming fact that goes along with that. These boys weren’t given the chance to ask for asylum in the U.S. because normal processes were bypassed.

Individuals who are fleeing atrociously violent situations in their home country might choose to try to come to the U.S. Working closely with an attorney who handles immigration cases might help you determine what steps you need to take to be able to build a life here.