What does the temporary ban on immigration mean?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Immigration |

Immigration into the United States had already slowed to a crawl when the Administration abruptly announced that a temporary suspension of immigration was going into place. The goal is to prevent foreign workers from softening the American job market any further during a time of economic uncertainty.

What does this mean for you if you’re an immigrant? Ultimately, the ban on immigration is being described as more of a “pause” on certain kinds of immigration for 60 days. Here’s who is most affected:

  • Anyone outside of the United States seeking a green card, including spouses and children being sponsored by a relative who already has their green card
  • Spouses, adult children and siblings of American citizens who are being sponsored for a green card
  • Anyone seeking to enter the United States through the EB-1 “extraordinary ability” visa or other special provisions
  • Green card holders who want to sponsor a spouse or child within the country for permanent residency

There are some major exceptions to the suspension, however. Medical professionals are still being allowed to enter, along with their spouses and some other family members. Business professionals entering under the EB-5 program who are expected to create jobs are also welcome.

Another important gap in the blockade is the exemption granted to non-immigrant workers who are here temporarily. This includes H-2A agricultural workers and H-1B specialty workers.

Immigration policies and rules can change rapidly, especially in today’s world. If you’re uncertain how your immigration status is affected by the recent suspension or how it could necessitate a change in your plans, it’s wise to speak with an experienced immigration attorney right away.