Could you qualify for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program?

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Most visa programs for entry into the United States are quite restrictive. You generally need to have an employment offer in the United States or admission to an institution of higher education for undergrad or graduate studies unless you meet requirements for asylum protections.

People can enter the country under travel visas, but these generally don’t last for long and preclude someone from working while in the United States. If you hope to enter the country but do not currently have a job secured in the United States, applying for entry through the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) program could be a way for you and your immediate family members to enter the United States.

Qualified applicants go through a lottery system

Generally speaking, in order to qualify, you must either have the equivalent of a high school education or qualifying work experience. Work experience requires two years of experience in a specific field that meets certain training requirements. Neither your spouse nor your children need to meet these requirements as long as you do.

Once you verify that you do qualify for the DV program, you must submit your application within the waiting period for that year’s lottery. Securing a visa through the lottery system requires patience and a willingness to resubmit.

There are usually many times more applicants then there are available visas through the DV program. Instead of letting that information deter you from seeking entry into the United States, you might want to look at it as motivation to develop your career and start pushing for an opportunity that will make it easier for you to enter the United States in a few years.