What family members can seek a visa through your work visa?

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Legally moving to the United States for work is a complicated process. It can take months or even multiple years for your employer to secure the visa required for your employment within the United States. Initial approval for your employment-based visa is only the first of many steps.

You will also need to complete a similar visa process for the members of your family whom you wish to live with you as you work in the United States. Familiarizing yourself with which family members are eligible through family visa programs can help streamline the process of preparing those applications.

Those in your immediate family are typically included

Generally speaking, an employment visa will make family visas an option for your spouse, same-sex spouse and your children under the age of 21. You will need to pay a fee for each visa application, and each family member will be subject to a background check and strict conditions on their visa.

Part of the application process will also involve proving that the people seeking visas will not require financial support from the United States. In addition to demonstrating financial solvency, family members of those with work visas will also need to submit to a medical examination and provide documentation about any health conditions they have. Providing vaccination records and the agreement to get specific vaccines are often part of the visa process as well.

Anyone seeking a visa for family members after securing a work visa will have special concerns about delays and the impact issues could have on their employment and their family. The right help and guidance is often invaluable for potential immigrants working to secure visas to the United States.